Planet Killer – Official Launch

I just released the fourth installment to the A Captain’s Crucible series on Amazon, titled “Planet Killer.” I’ve priced the novel at $3.99.

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Alien War – Official Launch

For the past little while I’ve been hard at work on a follow-up trilogy to the ATLAS series. I’ve been writing this military science fiction piece on the side, and finally finished the whole 220,000+ word series last week.

Titled “Alien War,” the trilogy is standalone and can be read independently of all my other works. It follows Rade and his platoon as they investigate a new threat. They have some updated toys, specifically a new breed of mech. They soon find themselves embroiled in an alien war… the same Alien War alluded to in A Captain’s Crucible.

I plan to release the books back-to-back in a relatively short period of time, because I don’t want my readers to have to wait for the resolution to the cliffhangers -)

The first book, Hoplite, is available for $3.99. Book 2, Zeus, will be available tomorrow. I’ll be releasing book three next week.

Click the cover to grab Hoplite:


And find Zeus here:

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Cradle of War – Official Launch

I’m excited to announce that Cradle of War, the third installment in the A Captain’s Crucible series, is now available in the Kindle store.


The arrival of a strange vessel changes everything for the stranded warships of Battle Group 72. Captain Dallas must place his trust in newfound alien allies if his fleet is to survive.

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