Enter To Win A $25 Amazon Gift Card

I’ve put together a little giveaway for you guys.


The prizes are a $25 Amazon Gift Card, three digital copies of my upcoming military science fiction novel ATLAS, and one print copy. If you’re curious, you can read more about ATLAS here.

To enter, complete one or more of the options below. The more options you complete, the more entries you get. You can enter every day for things such as sharing on your Facebook timeline, but for one-time tasks such as friending or following, you only get one entry.

PLEASE NOTE: I am moderating the results. You can go through and check off everything, but if you don’t actually complete the assigned tasks, your entries will be removed.

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Good luck! I’ll be emailing the lucky winners on December 20th, and I’ll also announce them on my blog, so you don’t have to check back every day–unless you want to enter multiple times of course!

39 Responses to Enter To Win A $25 Amazon Gift Card
  1. Anna Devereux Reply

    Looks exciting with a lot of action which is what I like.

  2. Daniel M Reply

    always like the action!

  3. Kathryn Mackey

    Like things with action

  4. David Smith

    I like all the action of military style books, but also like any in-depth descriptions of any tech developed or used and of course, if there is a great character to root for

  5. tony parsons Reply

    action packed luv 2 win/watch this
    tony parsons recently posted…Cover Reveal: ATLAS By Isaac HookeMy Profile

  6. Nancy Reply

    I think the combination of military and science fiction in your book sounds interesting.

  7. Natalie Reply

    I like how it is a unique blend of science fiction and military…very unique!

  8. heather Reply

    I love the Military and I love action and science this sounds great.

  9. Rosanne Reply

    I like the idea of giving it to my son who served in Iraq

  10. BeckyM

    Sounds like a good read!

  11. shelleyb Reply

    I was drawn to a quote about the Atlas book, “the role of the mind for man’s existence.” I bet there is a lot of action!

  12. Jamie Martin

    Always exciting to hear about a new release from an author you’ve never heard of before!

  13. sandra Reply

    it sounds action-packed

  14. Ann Fantom

    G+ id: abfantom fantom

  15. Trix Reply

    It looks like a story with everything!

  16. DJ Sakata Reply

    Good luck with the book, it looks creative and interesting. I hope I win as I am greedy like that ;)

  17. Ron Reply

    Congrats on the book release!

  18. Sandra Reply

    I enjoyed “Just Another Day” a fast paced military sci-fi; I am looking forward to “Atlas”.

  19. kristin Reply

    I love the disiplin the military has to offer and love reading/watching anything about it.

  20. Helga Reply

    It’s the kid of novel which would appeal to my brother in law!

  21. Annie Reply

    Love the creativity of it!

  22. Carmen Woody

    nothing like a good book

  23. Michelle L Reply

    I am excited for the action

  24. steve weber

    nice! this looks like a page turner.

  25. Rebekah Arnold Reply

    I love to read great books! and this one looks like it is going to be awesome!

  26. Paula Reply

    needing something new to read..

  27. Denise Davis Reply

    Science fiction, military, and lots of action. Whats not to like?

  28. Ms Gretchen Ann Luper

    It excites me because I think my grandson will really enjoy it much more than I will. He likes action packed military sci fi

  29. ms.

    The action.. and I kind of need something new to read.

  30. Heather McCormick Reply

    I like the combonation of military and sci fi with action

  31. ~Angie~ Reply

    It sounds really exciting, and I love the title!

  32. Lenora Reply

    My husband would LOVE to read this book! It would make a great gift:)

  33. Ashleigh Swerdfeger

    I like the action and the story sounds intriguing.I especially like the mix of sci fi :D

  34. Rickie Hinrichs Reply

    action, action ,action

  35. maria Reply

    It sounds like an exciting book! I’d love to read it!

  36. Aaron G Reply

    I’m looking forward to an awesome new book to read this Christmas season!

  37. mary ortiz

    love military science fiction because it seems realistic to me and just enjoy reading it.

  38. Mac "Briggs" Johnston Reply

    Ever read “The Forever Gate Compendium” by Isaac Hooke? THAT is what excites me about “Atlas” … his previous novel has a perfect ending, and tons of twists and surprises throughout, and if it is any indication of what “Atlas” will be, then we are indeed in for a treat.

  39. Buddy Garrett Reply

    I am excited about the military sci-fi action. I haven’t read many sci-fi military books.

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