Most Highlighted Phrases In ATLAS

Before I unpublished the old version of ATLAS to make room for the 47North edition, I saved a screenshot of the existing "Popular Highlights" for the sake of posterity. Here it is: I'm always curious which lines will resonate the most with readers, and the "Popular Highlights" section of the book shows me. During the writing process, [...]

Signed ATLAS Paperbacks – Now Available!

Signed paperback copies of ATLAS are now available! The paperback includes the full ATLAS novel text, along with the two short stories set in the ATLAS universe: JUST ANOTHER DAY and CATERPILLAR WITHOUT A CALLSIGN. Note: these books ship direct from the manufacturer, so I can't personalize them. The total cost (book price and shipping [...]

If You Bought ATLAS Before Dec. 27 – Read The Below

An astute beta-reader picked out a late-stage typo that was missed in the copy edit. This typo is in regards to a certain character's name in Chapter 22, and it will leave you scratching your head. It took 24 hours for the fix to publish to Amazon, so if you purchased ATLAS before 9:00 PM (GMT) [...]