Star Warrior Changes

I made some changes to Star Warrior based on feedback from both my advanced review team and from release week readers. Some of those changes didn’t make it into the Star Warrior until after the official launch. What follows is a list of those changes, in chronological order from earliest to latest: 11-30-2017 attributes occasionally increase with each [...]

Planet Killer – Official Launch

I just released the fourth installment to the A Captain's Crucible series on Amazon, titled "Planet Killer." I've priced the novel at $3.99. Click the cover to check it out:  

Alien War – Official Launch

For the past little while I've been hard at work on a follow-up trilogy to the ATLAS series. I've been writing this military science fiction piece on the side, and finally finished the whole 220,000+ word series last week. Titled "Alien War," the trilogy is standalone and can be read independently of all my other works. [...]