I Have Seen Forever

I Have Seen Forever

Hoodwink had returned to find his daughter lost. With Tanner’s help, he conceived a wild plan to restore her to life. The odds of success were slim, but together the pair traveled to the Black Den and retrieved the Dwarf “Seven” to use as a bargaining chip. Hoodwink betrayed Tanner shortly thereafter, trading Seven to the out-of-control AI that was raining down death and destruction upon the world of the Inside. Hoodwink returned to the Outside and departed in a small vessel, apparently abandoning Tanner and the rest of humanity to their fate.

Now Tanner must fight alone against the threat raged by One, the rampant, seemingly invincible AI. Will he find a way to defeat the AI before the world of the Inside is completely destroyed? Meanwhile, will Hoodwink save the daughter he gave up everything for and, more importantly, will he betray humanity to do it?

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