For the past little while I’ve been hard at work on a follow-up trilogy to the ATLAS series. I’ve been writing this military science fiction piece on the side, and finally finished the whole 220,000+ word series last week.

Titled “Alien War,” the trilogy is standalone and can be read independently of all my other works. It follows Rade and his platoon as they investigate a new threat. They have some updated toys, specifically a new breed of mech. They soon find themselves embroiled in an alien war… the same Alien War alluded to in A Captain’s Crucible.

I plan to release the books back-to-back in a relatively short period of time, because I don’t want my readers to have to wait for the resolution to the cliffhangers -)

The first book, Hoplite, is available for $3.99. Book 2, Zeus, will be available tomorrow. I’ll be releasing book three next week.

Click the cover to grab Hoplite:


And find Zeus here:


  1. this follow up to atlas series has the same excellent quality of story line and detail(hoplite). It was a nice feeling returning to the atlas series environment and the further conflicts of Rade and his fellow MOTHS.

    This second trilogy starts approx. after the events of the third volume of the Atlas trilogy.

    Burton Packer
  2. Wow, it’s very interesting.

  3. After City of Phants, I grabbed the 3 Atlas books. Just finishing Atlas 3. Very entertaining! I read the Hoplight sample; looking forward to the book.

    Donn Dunkel
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  5. Your article is interesting. I look forward to your 3rd book. Thank you and wish you lots of energy.

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