How To Write A Series Bible

When you present your fantasy manuscript to an agent, odds are, if he or she likes it, that agent will come back to you with a strategy to sell you as a brand. And part of that branding process inevitably involves turning your book into a series. Because let's face it, sequels are the big [...]

Three Tips For Building Fantasy Worlds “Organically”

What is "organic" worldbuilding? Something you can pick up at the local farmer's market? "I'd like one world, grown organically if you please good sir. And throw some magic tomatoes into the mix while you're at it!" Organic worldbuilding is the gradual introduction of your story world as events happen, and it's what produces salable [...]

Keeping Things Consistent In Your Fantasy Worlds

Fifteen years ago, when I first started writing seriously, I remember what a struggle it was to keep things straight in my fantasy worlds. In one scene, my character Sam would hurl flaming hawks from his bow. Fifty pages later, that same bow would hurl ordinary arrows. Fifty more page, and he launched crossbow bolts. [...]