Terminal Phase – Official Launch

The third installment in the Ethan Galaal series of Thriller novels, Terminal Phase, is now available in the Kindle store for $3.99. Enjoy!! Blurb: Target: Al Sifr. Profile: Terrorist mastermind. Mission Objective: Terminate with extreme prejudice.   Ethan is paired with the beautiful yet troubled Bretta Storm in his latest operation – the pursuit of the [...]

A Cold Day In Mosul – Official Launch

The follow-up to Clandestine, A Cold Day In Mosul (Ethan Galaal #2) is now available in the Kindle store. Enjoy!! Blurb: A high-ranking DIA operative has been kidnapped in Iraq by the Islamic State, and with her, secrets that could bring about the collapse of major intelligence-gathering networks throughout the region. Can Ethan Galaal find [...]

Clandestine – Official Launch

"Clandestine" is now available in the Kindle store. My first thriller, it's one of the most researched books I've ever done. Enjoy!! Grab "Clandestine" here. Blurb: Officially, Ethan Galaal doesn't exist. Very few people can do what he does and do it well. Maybe a handful in the entire world. As the DIA's most valuable [...]