ATLAS 3 – In The Bag! Almost…

I just finished the eighth draft of ATLAS 3 and sent it off to 47North for review. Mailing the book off kind of evokes the same feelings as hitting the publish button... elation, anticipation, and terror, all rolled into one. Coming in at 170,000 words, ATLAS 3 is my biggest, boldest and best novel yet. When [...]

Stars & Empire – A USA TODAY Bestseller!

I have some awesome news to share. The Stars & Empire bundle, released last week, has just debuted at #104 on USA TODAY! There hasn't been an indie SF author on the USA TODAY list since 2013. Until yesterday when all ten of us hit at the same time. :) Congratulations are in order to [...]

Retinitis Pigmentosa Fundraiser

Reader Allison Crowley writes in about her journey to raise $5,000 for Retinitis Pigmentosa -- a genetic disease that causes the breakdown of the retinal lines in the back of the eye. And by doing it, she's going to run the Tough Mudder in Austin, TX this April. This run is probably the toughest on [...]