Reader Allison Crowley writes in about her journey to raise $5,000 for Retinitis Pigmentosa — a genetic disease that causes the breakdown of the retinal lines in the back of the eye. And by doing it, she’s going to run the Tough Mudder in Austin, TX this April. This run is probably the toughest on the planet. Take the Death Race, and multiple it by 10. That’s how tough it is.

Check out her blog post about it here. And visit the donations page here.

Good luck Allison!

  1. Such a nice post sir….u really inspires me and your articles are really great…………..i learnt a lot through reading it thanx

  2. This is what we can achieve thought these. People are more understanding nowadays. As you mentioned it is one of the hardest runs.

    Good luck Allison!

    Andrew Cooper

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