Flagship – Official Launch

The first installment in the A Captain's Crucible series of Military Science Fiction novels, Flagship, is now available in the Kindle store for $2.99. Enjoy!! Blurb: A military research vessel has disappeared on the fringes of known space. Captain Jonathan Dallas, commodore of Battle Unit 72, dispatches his fleet to investigate. At first the evidence points overwhelmingly to [...]

Terminal Phase – Official Launch

The third installment in the Ethan Galaal series of Thriller novels, Terminal Phase, is now available in the Kindle store for $3.99. Enjoy!! Blurb: Target: Al Sifr. Profile: Terrorist mastermind. Mission Objective: Terminate with extreme prejudice.   Ethan is paired with the beautiful yet troubled Bretta Storm in his latest operation – the pursuit of the [...]

Most Highlighted Phrases In The Forever Gate

Continuing with my most highlighted phrases series, I'm now turning to quotes from The Forever Gate. As usual, I got these numbers from the Kindle site. Note: I included the most highlighted sections from books 1 - 5, as well as those from the compendium edition, for completeness. What is a mind? Why does it betray us at those [...]