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 The Forever Gate


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I’m excited to send you my bestselling book, The Forever Gate, the novella that got me started in the publishing business.

I wrote the original 24,000 word novella in a two week sprint during the Christmas break of December, 2012, and hit the publish button on January 1st, 2013. In the first two weeks, that novella sold 1,000 copies, without any promotion whatsoever. What began as an experimental mix of science fiction and fantasy turned out to be something of a cult hit. Book reviewers who ordinarily don’t read indie works gave it rave reviews. People wrote fan fiction for it. On March 20, 2013, it won the Indie Book of the Day award. The Forever Gate quite literally developed a life of its own.

In the months that followed, I expanded the book, and created four more volumes of increasing size. Each volume consistently shot to the top of the associated Amazon best-seller list, and on March 20, 2013, it won the Indie Book of the Day award.

Once you’ve finished reading this email, you will have the first volume in your hands (or ereader, to be exact).

The Forever Gate starts off with Hoodwink Cooper, the protagonist, imprisoned and sentenced to death. His crime? Attempting to blast a hole in the the Forever Gate, the colossal wall that surrounds the city and protects the denizens from the unihabitable Outside.

As the gols, the humanlike automata who rule the city, prepare to carry out his sentence, a rogue faction plots even greater turmoil. Hoodwink’s daughter is embroiled with this cabal, and if Hoodwink gives up the ghost without first extricating her from their clutches, she will most likely join him in the afterlife. What Hoodwink and the cabal members don’t realize is that they are all pawns in a greater game whose stakes are the very survival of humanity as a species.

Will Hoodwink escape in time to save his daughter? More importantly, will he break free of the invisible forces that guide him? Or will he succumb to the domination of his unseen masters and cause the breaking of the world, losing not just his daughter, but everything?

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I truly hope you enjoy the book. I had an amazing time writing it, and if I have stirred your emotions, and given you a glimpse into worlds you never thought you might witness, then I have succeeded in my goal.

​Welcome aboard, and I hope I can get to know you a little in the coming weeks.

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