Most Highlighted Phrases In ATLAS 3

Continuing in a similar vein to the previous blog post, here are the most highlighted phrases for ATLAS 3, as recorded on the Kindle site. I try to remind myself that wherever there is darkness there must be light. That always something good, something beautiful, resides out there, even in the shadows. 17 highlights. Always remember this. [...]

ATLAS 3 – Official Launch

"ATLAS 3" is now available in the Kindle store. Enjoy!! Grab "ATLAS 3" here for $4.99. Blurb: The ATLAS mechanized battle suits are the pinnacle of military technology, boasting awesome destructive power—but what is behind the armor is only human. Rade Galaal, elite soldier and ATLAS operator, has been tested—and broken—by savage battles and devastating [...]

ATLAS 3 – In The Bag! Almost…

I just finished the eighth draft of ATLAS 3 and sent it off to 47North for review. Mailing the book off kind of evokes the same feelings as hitting the publish button... elation, anticipation, and terror, all rolled into one. Coming in at 170,000 words, ATLAS 3 is my biggest, boldest and best novel yet. When [...]