Continuing in a similar vein to the previous blog post, here are the most highlighted phrases for ATLAS 3, as recorded on the Kindle site.

I try to remind myself that wherever there is darkness there must be light. That always something good, something beautiful, resides out there, even in the shadows.

17 highlights. Always remember this.

It was true. Pain was indeed an illusion. The only reason living things had pain receptors was because of the self-preservation mechanism.


13 highlights. Yes, because of pain, we survive.

The best leaders are those who don’t want the job. Those who are afraid of losing the men under them. It’s that guilt, that fear of loss, that makes them such damn good leaders in the first place. It forces them to think real hard before every decision they make.


12 highlights.

Save the men you can save, and mourn the dead later.


7 highlights.

And that’s it for the most highlighted quotes in ATLAS 3. Agree, disagree with the choices? Do you have a favorite quote of your own? Sound off in the comments!

All the best.

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