What follows is a list of web-sites that writers will find particularly useful, including body language indicators and a list of all possible emotions. I refer to many of these sites daily.

Blue Griffon EPUB Editor – use this free tool to prepare your ebooks for publishing to Kindle, Nook, etc

Publisher’s Marketplace

High Fantasy Tropes

Standard Fantasy Setting Tropes

Fantasy Character Class Tropes

Atlas of True Names

Food Timeline

KatFeete’s Writing Links

Schmidt Pain Index

Body Language Indicators

List of Emotions

List of Phobias

List of Hats and Headgear

Laugh Types

Sword Weights

Research Question Forum

Evil Editor’s Assistant – Twitter

SFWA – Writer’s Workshops Online and Offline

Critters.org Online Critique Website

Speculative Fiction Mentors Australia

Cliche Finder

Brenda Novak Manuscript Evaluations/Critique Auction

Kat Brauer’s Crits For Water Auction

Savvy Author’s Blog Pitch Contents

Kitty’s Upcoming Online Classes – First Page Critiques, etc

Les Edgerton On Writing

Nelson Literary Agency Pub Rants Blog

Computer Gaming World Museum

Diablo 3

Kickstarter Crowd Funding