I made some changes to Star Warrior based on feedback from both my advanced review team and from release week readers. Some of those changes didn’t make it into the Star Warrior until after the official launch.

What follows is a list of those changes, in chronological order from earliest to latest:


  • attributes occasionally increase with each level


  • added overall levelling – Tane ends the book at level 6


  • removed energy sword, replaced with beam hilt (a soundless, dual-bladed ax formed of the Essence)


  • removed concept of the “Fifteen” brand of ancient dwellers; several Amaranth appear at the end to confront Tane, instead of two
  • Tane no longer magically teleports to the final battle against the dweller fleet, but instead takes Lyra’s distortion tunnel to the shuttle and returns to the Red Grizzly first (see chapters 33 & 34)
  • Jed is now a Volur throughout the book (“Bander” concept removed)
  • altered Jed’s description slightly – he wears Chrysalium piercings on his face (end of Chapter 4)
  • Lyra also wears an armored dress now (also end of Chapter 4)


  • dwellers linked to Graaz’dhen are only stunned after the host Graaz’dhen is killed
  • when Lyra admits she never intended to reach Talendir, she gives a better explanation


  • Tane tries to shrink the dark artifact a second time, but fails (chapter 34)


  • an explanation is given as to why leveling up gives Tane an attribute point (see chapter 4 – search for “the chip created nanotech over time”)


  • updated the magic system to include the concept of the stellar wind being guided over the grooves of one’s bones (see chapter 21)


  • removed the concept of runes; Essence-imbued weapons merely glow


  • made Tane an Engineer who works in the city as pianist to earn a living; he returns home to his parents’ hydroponics farm feeling like a failure (chapters 1, 2)


  • beam hilt energy ax is no longer capable of deflecting plasma bolts or laser beams


  • introduced S’Wraathar to remove the Deus Ex Machina at the end (originally another faction of dwellers shows up from nowhere to distract the original faction, allowing Tane and his party to escape, but we have no idea why this second faction appeared; now we have S’Wraathar’s POV, showing him leading that second faction). See Chapter 33
  1. A pure and acknowledged bonding between Sinive and Tane would do more for the Honor of the new Bender of Worlds than a fleeting sex/love interest. He needs to be far more morally than even the Valour. Justice and Right must guide him even as he grows to new power. As the Valour said they at least TRY to do right. Otherwise he is an amoral super power and nothing more.


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