Most Highlighted Phrases In ATLAS

Before I unpublished the old version of ATLAS to make room for the 47North edition, I saved a screenshot of the existing "Popular Highlights" for the sake of posterity. Here it is: I'm always curious which lines will resonate the most with readers, and the "Popular Highlights" section of the book shows me. During the writing process, [...]

Why I Write Science Fiction

I often get asked the question, "Why do you write science fiction? Why not thrillers, or mysteries? Or any other genre?" That's actually a really good question. The short answer is, I do write other genres. Like most writers, my goal first and foremost is to entertain, and whether that entertainment comes out as a [...]

Worldbuilders Fundraiser – For Fantasy Readers And Writers

The annual Worldbuilders fundraiser is well underway. If you don't know about Worldbuilders, it's this cool little fundraiser put together by Patrick Rothfuss--himself a very cool fantasy author--to help people less fortunate than ourselves. During the 2011 fundraiser, Worldbuilders brought together fantasy authors, publishers, and readers from around the world and raised more than $310,000 [...]