The annual Worldbuilders fundraiser is well underway. If you don’t know about Worldbuilders, it’s this cool little fundraiser put together by Patrick Rothfuss–himself a very cool fantasy author–to help people less fortunate than ourselves. During the 2011 fundraiser, Worldbuilders brought together fantasy authors, publishers, and readers from around the world and raised more than $310,000 for Heifer International, allowing families around the world to lift themselves out of hunger and poverty.

This year as usual Patrick has brought together a terrific bunch of fantasy authors and publishers who’ve donated their time, and several signed books, to the fundraiser.

To the readers out there, you can bid on signed books from Joe Abercrombie, Jasper Fforde, Ernest Cline, George R.R. Martin and others. Find the signed books on auction on ebay here.

For the writers, you can bid on manuscript critiques from Patrick himself, or from his agent Matt Bialer. There are also critiques up for grabs from other fantasy authors and editors, including David Pomerico, Acquisition Editor at 47North, Amazon’s Sci-Fi, Fantasy and Horror imprint. If you’ve wanted to have a professional author or editor look at your work and give detailed feedback, now’s your chance. And don’t forget no matter what the final price is, it’s all for a good cause. Find the manuscript critiques on ebay here.

You can also donate directly to the project here.

  1. It is the time of the year again for such an awe inspiring annual event organized by Worldbuilders, hopefully this year fund-raiser can achieve astonish success like the previous one where the world’s less fortunate people can get some helps again; and the goal of lifting those who are hungry and live with poverty can be less difficult to reach. Thank for the link that you provide for the fantasy book writer and reader alike. It is worth to take a look at it.

  2. I am happy to have discovered your website through a tip online, thank you for the beautiful visual design and approach towards enriching the lives of others through reading and writing. The idea for fundraising by using the effort of fantasy authors and publishers sounds great and I am eager to see the results!

  3. I love people who always find a way to help people who are in need. In this kind of fundraising event, I think that it will also help the writers and as well as the readers too. It’s Christmas time, and it’s time to give, but I know that these kind of event will continue as long as people like you lives. I am praying for the success of this event and look forward in joining you.

  4. I am a fan of reading and I even write not well but i do. It is cool to see a fundraiser that incorporated writings as it’s main way of making money for the less fortunate. It is such a great idea!!

  5. I’m a big reader and I even write.. well, not well but i do. Its cool to see a fundraiser that incorporats writing as the main way to earn money for the less fortunate

  6. it is very nice to hear that there is people who are ready to lean their hands to help the poor people and to lessen the poverty and hungry in the world.

    Kristine Joy Gonzales
  7. it is very nice to hear that there are people who are ready to lean their hands to help the poor people and to lessen the poverty and hungry in the world.

    Kristine Joy Gonzales

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