CATERPILLAR WITHOUT A CALLSIGN is the second military science-fiction short story set in the ATLAS universe. If you don’t know yet, ATLAS is my upcoming full-length military science-fiction novel set to release at the end of December 2013.

You can grab CATERPILLAR WITHOUT A CALLSIGN here for $0.99.

Caterpillar Without A Callsign



My name’s Mason. I don’t have a callsign, not yet. I’m just a caterpillar. A baby moth.

I joined up because, well, I’ve always wanted to pilot an ATLAS mech. What can I say? We’re talking three meters of pure, mobile destructive power here. A thousand hydraulically actuated joints. Head-mounted sensor package with built in LIDAR, night vision, flash vision, zoom. Crash protection. Jump jets. Active protection countermeasures. Swappable weaponry. Deployable ballistic shield.

Sound like the war machine of your dreams?

It is.

I finally got my chance to pilot one of these babies on a little deployment out in Mongolia.

Under a rather unusual set of circumstances…


  1. Caterpillar Without A Callsign is a gripping read, with all the grit and guts of a military mission set in a Sci Fi universe. Perfect lead-in to the main novel: can’t wait for Atlas!

    Mac "Briggs" Johnston

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