Ethan Galaal faces his greatest threat yet


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“Bravo. At last, a truly great spy thriller set in the war against the Islamic State. A breathtaking, nuanced and can’t-put-it-down novel.”

BestThrillers.com – A Cold Day In Mosul

“I can’t say the tiniest thing about the plot without giving away the surprises, and the fun of this book rests largely on those surprises. I can vouch that I was taken off guard over and over again.”

Amazing Stories Magazine – The Forever Gate

“I have been an avid sci-fi reader since childhood, and this book really grabbed me. I love a story in which the nature of reality is questioned, and turns out to be stranger than almost anyone can imagine.”

Amazon Reviewer – The Forever Gate

“Clandestine is right up there with the works of Brad Taylor, Brad Thor, Vince Flynn, and Tom Clancy. If you are a fan of those guys or the genre, you will thoroughly enjoy the book.”

Amazon Reviewer – Clandestine

“This is an astounding book. The science is captivating, the characterizations are thrilling, and it is one of the very few books I will read again.”

Amazon Reviewer – ATLAS

“ATLAS is a great, great read. It’s the kind of book that pulls you in and keeps you up all night reading to the end. Can’t wait until the next installment”

Amazon Reviewer – ATLAS