Clandestine – Official Launch

“Clandestine” is now available in the Kindle store. My first thriller, it’s one of the most researched books I’ve ever done.


Grab “Clandestine” here.

clandestine - three hundred by four twenty


Officially, Ethan Galaal doesn’t exist.

Very few people can do what he does and do it well. Maybe a handful in the entire world.

As the DIA’s most valuable undercover operative, his missions span multiple roles that blur the lines between case officer, private investigator, kidnapper and assassin.

His specialty is that frothing cesspit of war and tyranny known as the Middle East. He has been sent to gather intel on the latest threat in the region: the Islamic State. Posing as a Saudi Arabian jihadist, he gains entry into the brutal regime, but it will take all his cunning and mental fortitude to survive. One mistake, one slip of the tongue, and he is as good as dead.

As he descends deeper into the morally reprehensible heart of the Islamic State, surrounded by enemies and unable to leave, Ethan wonders if the operation was a mistake.

When he meets the beautiful yet mysterious Alzena, the repressed neighbor of one of his targets, Ethan must decide if he will risk everything to get her out.

And he thought the mission was difficult before…

Visit Amazon and download the novel.

ATLAS 2 – Official Launch

“ATLAS 2″ is now available in the Kindle store. The sequel to ATLAS clocks in at a whopping 140,000 words. 47North, Amazon’s Science Fiction and Fantasy imprint, published the book, and has made it available at the introductory price of $4.99.


Grab “ATLAS 2″ here for $4.99.

ATLAS2 - final five hundred by six twenty seven


The desperate battle on far-flung Geronimo may have ended in a qualified victory for the elite MOTH soldiers in their devastating, atomic-powered ATLAS mechs…but the cost was a massive one, paid in blood. Rade Galaal, graduate of the toughest military training in the universe, barely survived the terrifying mission in deep space that claimed the lives of the two people he couldn’t afford to lose: a comrade who was more than a brother, and someone who was his whole world.

Lost, broken, and questioning his place as a MOTH and as a man, Rade faces a new crisis when an enemy force—a terrifyingly familiar one—threatens the future of humanity itself. Entering human territory from the depths of uncharted space where Rade lost everything, this massive alien vessel wears the face of death.

Once the nightmarish invader begins threatening total annihilation, can Rade and his team hope to prevail… or even survive?

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ATLAS 3 – In The Bag! Almost…

I just finished the eighth draft of ATLAS 3 and sent it off to 47North for review. Mailing the book off kind of evokes the same feelings as hitting the publish button… elation, anticipation, and terror, all rolled into one.


Coming in at 170,000 words, ATLAS 3 is my biggest, boldest and best novel yet.

When I’m done the developmental edits that 47North will inevitably send back, the novel will only get stronger.

I don’t have a release date for the book yet but I suspect it will be five or six months after ATLAS 2, which means we’re looking at an April to May 2015 time-frame.

I’ll keep you posted!

Stars & Empire – A USA TODAY Bestseller!

I have some awesome news to share. The Stars & Empire bundle, released last week, has just debuted at #104 on USA TODAY!

Stars & Empire - 104 - usatodaybooks - updated

There hasn’t been an indie SF author on the USA TODAY list since 2013. Until yesterday when all ten of us hit at the same time. :)

Congratulations are in order to the nine other authors involved with the bundle:

Jay Allan
Michael Bunker
Joshua Dalzelle
Christopher G. Nuttall
Edward W. Robertson
Jasper T. Scott
Endi Webb
Dietmar Arthur Wehr
Raymond L. Weil

I’d like to express my gratitude to the publisher, Phoenix of Steel Magnolia Press, for guiding us through the convoluted process.

And thank you as well, my dear readers, for helping make this all possible.

Now Available For Pre-Order: Stars & Empire Bundle

stars-and-empiresNow Available For Pre-Order!

Ten best-selling sci-fi novels.

Ten of the most recognizable names in space opera.

Two thousand pages of rocket-fueled adventure.

Three thousand four and five star reviews.

One great price.

Coming Tuesday, September 16th, 2014.

Includes unique bonus content not available anywhere else.


My contributions to the bundle include Forever Gate Parts One and Two. In addition to the novels, several of the authors have thrown in bonuses, such as short stories, deleted scenes, and previews of upcoming releases.

I’ve included a few bonuses as well::

Deleted content from ATLAS

These are deleted scenes from ATLAS that have never before been published.

When writing a novel, there are always so many good sections that end up on the cutting room floor. The reasons for their removal vary, and include: pacing, continuity, story flow, and so on. However, that isn’t to say the scenes aren’t good. Most of the time, they are.

In the boxset, you’ll find four of my favorite deleted scenes, including the original, unedited Chapter One that inspired the whole novel.

“Caterpillar Without A Callsign”

I’ve thrown in “Caterpillar Without A Callsign” for those of you who haven’t picked it up yet, a short story set in the ATLAS universe that focuses on the history of Snakeoil’s character.

“The Laurasians”

My last bonus is a new time travel short story, “The Laurasians,” about a paleontoligist who has a chance to meet the living-and-breathing versions of the fossils he has studied his entire life.

This story has only been published once before in anthology form (in “Synchronic: Thirteen Tales of Time Travel“), and I’m including it here as a special bonus.

The full-length novels you’ll find in this boxset, including my own, are as follows:

Jay Allen – Marines (Crimson Worlds Book 1)
Raymond L. Weil – The Galactic Empire Wars: Destruction
Christopher G. Nuttall – The Empire’s Corps
Joshua Dalzelle – Omega Rising (Omega Force 1)
Isaac Hooke – Forever Gate 1 and 2
Edward W. Robertson – Titans
Jasper T. Scott – Dark Space
Dietmar Wehr – The Synchronicity War Part I
Michael Bunker – Pennsylvania 1
Endi Webb – The Terran Gambit (Episode #1: The Pax Humana Saga)

Together, these novels retail for about $15, but you’ll be able to grab them, along with all the bonuses, for the incredibly affordable price of $0.99.


Thanks for your support!

Most Highlighted Phrases In ATLAS

Before I unpublished the old version of ATLAS to make room for the 47North edition, I saved a screenshot of the existing “Popular Highlights” for the sake of posterity.

Here it is:

Popular Highlights-05-26-2014.-highlights-alone

I’m always curious which lines will resonate the most with readers, and the “Popular Highlights” section of the book shows me. During the writing process, I can sometimes predict the lines that will make it, because usually it’s those phrases that evoke emotion in me personally, though I admit I’m sometimes surprised by what ends up in the list.

“When you’re used to having nothing, nothing becomes your everything, and you never really want for anything. But it’s a double-edged sword, because there’s the danger of becoming complacent, becoming too happy with that nothing, because you’ve never known anything better. Complacency is the death of dreams, and freedom.”

Rade tells this to Ace early in the book, when he’s explaining how he coped with growing up in poverty. This quote applies to everything in life, from money, to relationships, to vocations. If you’ve never known freedom, how can you even know what it is?  49 highlights. I was expecting this one!

“Don’t think beyond the moment. Therein lies the path to failure.”

A quote from MOTH training. It can apply to anything in life that seems daunting, such as running a 25K, or cramming for an exam. If you look at everything that stands in your way, you feel overwhelmed, and just want to give up. But if you look at what’s just in front of you, and only in front of you, it doesn’t seem so overwhelming, and you know you can do it. 26 highlights. I wasn’t expecting this one to appear, but apparently it resonates with a lot of people.

“Never give in—never, never, never, never. If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

A quote from Winston Churchill. For general inspirational purposes -) 18 highlights. I had a feeling this one would make it. Churchill has some inspiring stuff.

“Patriotism to your country is the furnace, and dedication to your team the hammer, that will forge your warrior spirit. “

This is something Instructor Reed tells the recruits during training. And it’s true. You have to really love this country to do what special forces people do. And you have to really love your teammates. 13 highlights. I can’t remember if I thought this one would make it or not, but I’m leaning on the yes side.

“Back a scared man into a corner, and you’ve got a fight on your hands. Back two scared men into a corner, and you’ve got yourself a war.”

Another quote from the beginning of the book. It’s what Rade tells Tahoe when he first meets him, and it’s a pretty apt metaphor on how wars start in my humble opinion.  -)  11 highlights. I definitely thought this would make it, though I was hoping for more highlights. Heh.

And that’s it for the most popular highlights of the now unpublished edition. It will be interesting to see if the same highlighted phrases become the most popular the second time round.

ATLAS 2 – Where Is it?

Back at the beginning of March I announced on this blog that ATLAS 2 would be released in the third week of April.

At the end of March I received an offer from 47North, Amazon Publishing’s speculative fiction imprint. In exchange for giving up the rights to ATLAS and the next two books, 47North would help me potentially reach a larger audience.


After much internal debate, I eventually accepted, and signed a three-book deal with Amazon. I submitted ATLAS 2 on April 20, received a development edit back a week later, and submitted the updated version one week after that.

The new release date for ATLAS 2 is December 2, 2014. 47North will release ATLAS 3 not long after that. Also on December 2, 2014, a newly revised edition of ATLAS 1 will become available. I’m not sure what will change, since I haven’t received the developmental notes on Book 1 yet, though I’m guessing the changes will be minor. On December 2, you can update from the Manage Your Kindle page.

The goal is to make sure that I’m giving you, the reader, the best possible product, while at the same time helping me, the author, engage as many new readers as possible. Hopefully partnering with 47North will enable all that, and both reader and author benefit.

We’ll see how it turns out!

P.S. Book 2 is available for pre-order by clicking the above ATLAS 2 (ATLAS Series) picture.

Cover Reveal: ATLAS 2 By Isaac Hooke

Coming December 2nd, 2014.

ATLAS2 - final five hundred by six twenty seven



The saga continues…

Eight months after the events of book one, Rade is assigned the most crucial operation of his military career. A mission that could change the entire future of humanity.

There’s only one problem. It could kill him and his platoon.

Rade Galaal and Shaw Chopra return in this thrilling sequel to ATLAS.

Sign up to my New Releases mailing list and I’ll let you know as soon as it’s out.

In the meantime, feel free to enter the ATLAS 2 Goodreads Giveaway for your chance to win an autographed copy.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

ATLAS 2 by Isaac Hooke


by Isaac Hooke

Giveaway ends April 26, 2014.

See the giveaway details
at Goodreads.

Enter to win

Free – Dark Space by Jasper Scott

Science Fiction is a wonderful genre, full of a variety of distinctive sub-genres, each with their own readers. I’m just thrilled to have had the opportunity to earn the respect and support of readers in some of the biggest SF sub-genres, namely Space Marine and Space Fleet.

That’s right, wonderful readers, I’m talking about you. Thank you for the support you have shown me by taking a risk with an unknown author and buying my books, ATLAS and The Forever Gate. Thank you for the reviews, the supportive emails, the Facebook messages.


I want to give back to you, in some small way. I’ll be giving away the Audiobook of Forever Gate – Part One to my loyal “New Release” newsletter subscribers when it comes out in a few weeks. That’s one way of giving back.

But there’s another way, too. Because of you, I’m now in the position to support another talented writer. His name is Jasper Scott, and his book is Dark Space. It fits nicely under the Space Fleet sub-genre.

I wrote a review of the book on Amazon back when it came out last year April, but I never got around to publishing the review on my blog. I’d like to rectify that, given that Dark Space is currently free on Amazon until Feb. 11 at midnight.

First I should mention how rare it is to find Dark Space available for free: Jasper has sold 50,000 copies since the novel came out last year. When you’re moving that many books, you don’t give away free copies very often. But it is solid marketing, especially when the book is number one in a series (which Dark Space is), and that book is good (again, guilty as charged), if only because it makes readers want to buy the rest -)

Anyway, without further ado, here is my review:

Read More…

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